About Us

The first Nightline was founded in 1970, with an aim to reduce student suicide. Nowadays, Nightlines, of which there are over 90 nationwide, provide a range of services to students, including emotional listening support and information.

Nightline Dundee is a university support service which aims to help students cope with the difficulties they may encounter during their time at university. We offer a listening and information service by phone and email from 8pm-8am and an instant messaging service from 8pm-12am.

Call us: 01832 381 183

Email us: nightline@dundee.ac.uk

Chat to us: https://im.dundee.nightline.ac.uk/webim

Nightline Dundee is affiliated with the Nightline Association (Registered Charity Number: 1112793), which “exists to support, develop, promote and grow Nightline services.” Nightline Association.

If you’d like to find out more about the Nightline Association, visit www.nightline.ac.uk